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Welcome to The Hanover School of Ballet

home of the internationally known

Hanover Children's Ballet Theatre & Company​


Why The Hanover School of Ballet?

Artistic Director, Deborah Blume-Byers, removes herself from the "commercial" level, therefore assuring small classes, individualized attention and proper development for all of her students by personally teaching each class offered at the school. She enjoys the challenge of working with the serious dance student … as well as the young student who is simply dancing as a way to develop poise and self-confidence.

Our goal is to inspire the hearts and minds of our youth as we encourage, 

promote and spread our love of dance. We believe dance is the most immediate and accessible form of the arts, because it involves your own body. When a youngster learns to move their body on a note of music, it's exciting. They have taken control of their body; and by learning to do that, they have discovered they can take control of their life.

The Hanover School of Ballet is devoted to preserving the purity of classical ballet. Our school nurtures the young dancer from first steps to accomplished technique and aims to instill the joy of this precious art form.

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