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Our Mission

At the Hanover School of Ballet we believe that it is important for a ballet student to have excellent training from the very beginning.  Correct technique is essential for a young dancer to mature into an artist of pre-professional quality.  In our studio, we offer a variety of dance and movement classes with the help of our talented, diverse and inspired Artistic Director.  Our students are fortunate to have exposure to these different expressions of movement in which there is a unified philosophy and goal to connect the mind and body.  The Hanover School of Ballet is supportive and free from pressure.  A student learns and grows most readily in this knd of environment that combines technique ability with the joy of dancing.

Contact Information

Studio Location:​​​

The Hanover School of Ballet

28 Baltimore Street

Hanover, PA 17331

Business Address:​​

The Hanover School of Ballet

5017 Raleigh Court

Spring Grove, PA 17362

Brochure - for further information call 717-632-8770 or

email your name, address and ​phone number,

along with the interested student's name, age ​and experience


All classes are taught by Artistic Director,

Deborah Blume-Byers

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