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Hanover Children's Ballet Theatre and Company

​​... is the performing arm of The Hanover School of Ballet.  Members are given the opportunity to display their abilities, develop performance techniques and express their individual artistic potentials.


Teaching the select young performers that painstaking ballet movements demand perfection, concentration and years of dedicated practice has led to many successes.  Proclaimed "Young Ambassadors of Dance" by their hometown of Hanover and the state of Pennsylvania, they are known internationally for their theme "Love in any Language".  They had the opportunity to perform by invitation for the people of Romania, Bulgaria, the former USSR, Scotland, England, Wales, the Republic of Czech and Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and The Peoples Republic of China.

Due to the strong technique classes taught to students of the school, the performing members are able to quickly perfect all forms of choreography that lead to the enthusiastic performances they are known for locally, throughout the east coast and internationally.

Through the loving guidance of Artistic Director, Deborah Blume-Byers, the troupe of performers become a "team of friends".  A blend of different interests and ages.  Starting off as inexperienced students wanting to perform year round ... to performers with technical skills, style and the ebullience of youth.  They enjoy the knowledge that they continue to bring joy and a better understanding of the cultural arts to audiences through the sharing of their talents.

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PAFH Supports

The Hanover Children's Ballet Theatre & Company

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Our next HCBT & Co Scheduled Performance

National Apple Harvest Festival

at South Mountain Fairgrounds

615 Narrows Rd, Biglerville, PA

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